Camp Seely is a mountain camp owned by the City of Los Angeles located in the San Bernardino Mountains, near Crestline, California.  The camp includes a lodge, kitchen, dining hall, restroom/showers, game room, playing field & 60 cabins (each sleeps 4-5 people).  The camp can be reserved for groups of 125-270 or for individual families on a select few weeks during the year.

The name Camp Seely was derived from the Mormon Seely brothers (David & Wellington) who established an early water-powered saw mill at this location in the 1850’s.  The sawmill was washed away during the winter floods of 1861 and David Seely rebuilt in a different location.  The city of Los Angeles purchased the land & built the current Camp Seely in 1914 as part of their new Municipal Recreation Program.  During this purchase, the name “Seely” was misspelled as “Seeley” and has caused confusion over many years.  To this day, Seely Creek is spelled as Seeley Creek on many official government maps and documents.

  • Elevation: 4,200 feet
  • Distance from Los Angeles city hall: 65 miles
  • GPS Address: 250 N. Highway 138, Crestline, CA  92325


Camp Seely